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Change is everywhere. We empower business, government and others to improve, transform and adapt. We help you identify the risks and opportunities that are here, and help you prepare and align to what's coming. We encourage the enabling of new capabilities by applying technology well — and help you achieve outcomes that are desirable to all.

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Stephen Poljansek is the founder of Practical Change and its Principal Consultant.

Stephen is passionate about learning and understanding, identifying risks and opportunities and working out solutions.

He has over 20 years of experience working on business and technology projects for large corporate and government clients and is knowledgeable in planning, design, implementation, integration and operations.

Stephen has an MBA (Corporate Governance), a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering) and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and undertakes continual learning and training.

Stephen lives in Hobart, Tasmania with his family and makes the most of what our island state has to offer.

“The new normal is going to be good.”

What makes us tick

We recognise that both globally and locally, change is afoot and that radical economic and social transformations are underway.

We believe that all organisations will one way or another, improve, transform and adapt to the economic and technological changes, as well as responding to our society and environmental needs over time.

We know that whilst many organisations are grasping the opportunities — it is still a challenge for most.

How we help

We help organisations improve how they do things, enable capability to ride the waves of disruption — and reduce their impact on people and planet.

To achieve these things, we integrate the three perspectives of Business Improvement, Technology Solutions and Sustainability into our approach.

Graphic showing a circle split into 3 segments: Prepare, align - improve; Enable capability - transform; and Reduce, replace - adapt

How we approach things

We enjoy analysis, problem-solving and general improvement progress. We work out what needs fixing, find and plan solutions and have broad experience in small and large mission-critical enterprise Transformation projects. We are business-minded but have technical understanding — and we exercise sustainable thinking.

Practical Change Business Analysis symbol represented by a magnifying glass. Practical Change Solution Design symbol represented by a stylised computer monitor and creative elements. Practical Change Digital Transformation symbol represented by 3 cubes with interconnected pathways. Practical Change Sustainable Thinking symbol represented by a stylised and merged leaf and power cable.

We work diligently to undertake critical thinking, research and analysis — and to produce the knowledge, reviews, plans, solutions and outcomes you need.

Why we love our job

We embrace change and we help you to do the same. This keeps things interesting and we love a challenge!

Our Top-Three Principles

Real Outcomes

We help you be better at what you do best by working with your teams to get the information we need to get results. We bring your people on the journey to reach the outcomes you're aiming for.

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Practical Change Technology Solutions symbol represented by a technology cloud symbol. Technology Solutions


Practical Change Sustainabilty symbol represented by a hand holding plant seedling symbol. Sustainability


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