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August 2020

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Industry future

Strategic Planning

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The shock of COVID or recent natural disasters are examples of how forces outside our control can impact businesses and the economy. Scenario analysis, strategic planning and in particular — planned or "considered action", are paramount to maintaining resilience to change. Where external changes are expected to be permanent or recurring — transformation or adaptation may be necessary.

Circular economy

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The circular economy describes a closed loop system where the full product lifecycle is considered, allowing the minimisation of energy, resource use, emissions and waste. More and more customers are expecting to know where things are from and what happens to a product or its packaging at the end of its useful life. Smart businesses are changing the way they operate now in preparation for when doing so will no longer be discretionary.

Align to new realities

If you can't beat 'em — join 'em!

The time for fighting change is over. The world has moved on and all businesses must now do the same. There are many global trends that represent a tidal wave of change. Some of the largest global companies are aligning now, to do things differently and stay relevant in changing times. Many have proven that it is possible to achieve both profit and wider prosperity — but it will take longer-term thinking, positive short-term actions and an integrated approach to maintain success.

We are entering a time where resilience, agility and strategic re-alignment are more important for success than capital dominance, scale and the simple supply-chain efficiencies that served us in the past.

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