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August 2020

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Covid has broken the old-fashioned viewpoint that work must always be done in the office. Whilst flexible working arrangements have been gaining popularity for some time, Covid has accellerated the shift.

Graphic of scales with office buildings and home in balance.


For knowledge workers, their homes have become routine places of work. Lock-down has proven that working from home is not only possible, but is desirable — and in fact, highly productive using current digital technologies.

Re-balance and Re-configuration

Place, time and expectations different

Many offices have morphed (or are planning to) from mandatory workspaces to collaboration hubs which causes a rethink on what is actually needed.

Even following a return to work, many people will prefer to continue to work from home, for all or at least some of their time.

Organisations are re-configuring to redefine their business rules and deploy updated technology to enable flexible working whilst maintaining strong business culture and cohesion.

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